The Pros And Cons Of Being A Stripper


Thought Catalog

Don’t lie. We’ve all thought of being a stripper once or twice. Easy cash, mindless work- Sometime’s your real life is just so mind numbingly awful that you catch yourself daydreaming of a more glamorous existence where there’s dollar bills in your underwear and tequila dripping down your face. I know. Growing up is hard.
I’ve decided to list out the pros and cons of being a stripper. Feel free to list your own. If the pro list outweighs the latter, who knows, ladies. We might just be ignoring our life’s very own destiny!

image - Flickr / Mad Love Game image – Flickr / Mad Love Game

PRO: Sleeping in every morning.

I fucking hate alarm clocks. It is so inhumane to be up at any hour before 8 AM. What am I, a robot?! Strippers don’t have to work at 8 AM.

CON: Night shifts

Though I don’t mind late nights, walking back to your…

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