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Is Nicki Minaj More Iconic Than Martin Luther King Jr?


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I’m going to hope and pray that this was just a joke and that this girl doesn’t actually believe that Nicki Minaj has done more for the African American community than Martin Luther King Jr.


I mean technically she’s right on the amount of Twitter followers each of them have so you can’t argue with that. Her original account has been suspended, but the tweets have been reposted on Facebook. Lucky for us she has a new account where she’s found even more solid evidence for #TeamNicki over #TeamMLK:


Something tells me that, despite not having a certified Vevo account, MLK has done an adequate job of getting his message spread to the masses. TC Mark

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The Pros And Cons Of Being A Stripper


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Don’t lie. We’ve all thought of being a stripper once or twice. Easy cash, mindless work- Sometime’s your real life is just so mind numbingly awful that you catch yourself daydreaming of a more glamorous existence where there’s dollar bills in your underwear and tequila dripping down your face. I know. Growing up is hard.
I’ve decided to list out the pros and cons of being a stripper. Feel free to list your own. If the pro list outweighs the latter, who knows, ladies. We might just be ignoring our life’s very own destiny!

image - Flickr / Mad Love Game image – Flickr / Mad Love Game

PRO: Sleeping in every morning.

I fucking hate alarm clocks. It is so inhumane to be up at any hour before 8 AM. What am I, a robot?! Strippers don’t have to work at 8 AM.

CON: Night shifts

Though I don’t mind late nights, walking back to your…

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